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Our Favorite Waterfront Restaurants in Newport Beach

Do you love beachside dining? We do! Living in Irvine makes it convenient for those who like to sip mimosas or wine, with their meal, by the ocean. We have so many options for waterfront restaurants. We have a few delicious suggestions among the many options.

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Wine Down at the Best Wine Bars in Irvine

What’s your superpower? We can make wine disappear! We love to practice using our superpower at these local wine bars in our sweetly sophisticated town of Irvine. Do you have friends with a similar superpower? They’ll love these places too.

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Get Your Donut Fix at the Best Donut Shops in Irvine

Who doesn’t love donuts? Raise your hand. For those who raised their hand, feel free to skip this post and go think about the error of your ways. For everyone else, we’ve got the goods for you! Donuts are a big deal in Southern California, and finding the right donut shop can be one of the more important decisions you can make. You need to have your favorite place ready to go for when your friends say “Have you tried Krispy Kreme? They are so good!” That’s not to say that Krispy Kreme is not delicious (especially right off the cooker), but you want to have an alternative to help open that friend’s eyes to the beauty of donuts. We’re here to help. Here are our top donut shops around Irvine.

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Get Your New Year Started Off Right at Orange County’s Best Parties

We’re coming up on the end of 2018, and Orange County will soon be filled with partiers ready to welcome in the new year! Whether the year before was good or bad, New Year’s Eve promises a new start and a clean slate. There is something so special about finding yourself at a new beginning, with the infinite possibilities before you! And the celebrations of New Year’s are some of the most fun you’ll have all year! Here are a few ways to get down on New Year’s in Orange County.

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Raise a Glass to the Best Breweries in OC

What a time to be alive! In past generations, going out for a beer meant going to the closest watering hole, ordering a generic beer, and swigging back whatever brownish beverage was given. Today, we live in a golden age of craft breweries, where beer is finally given the respect it deserves.

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Get in the Holiday Spirit This December in Irvine

Every year, Orange County residents sit down to watch Christmas movies, and they are shown feet of snow, people wrapped up in parkas and scarves, and ice skating on frozen ponds. We are told that Christmas time is always cold and white. It can sometimes feel like we are not getting the full Christmas experience when it is in the low 70’s in late December. If you have felt this way, there is hope! Surrounding yourself with Christmas spirit is the best way to fill yourself with the joy of the season. Here are our favorite way to have a holly jolly December around Irvine.

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A Look at John Wayne International Airport

With the holiday season upon us, travel will be a more and more important aspect of our daily lives. Flying home to families, family flying home to us… Whether you’re coming or going, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the planning and execution of a successful trip. And how often do we stop to look at how we are getting there? At the miracle that is air travel. And at the history of the very methods we use to get from one place to another. Today, we want to take a look at our nearby gem, John Wayne International Airport

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Orange County

For some, Thanksgiving is a holiday drenched in long-held family traditions. They go to the same family home with the same people to enjoy the same feast and activities. For others, Thanksgiving is a time to try new activities and make new friends. For this latter group, we have your back. There are plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and find fun. And maybe one of these events will become your new yearly tradition! Here are some Thanksgiving activities for you to explore this year.

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The Best Bakeries in Irvine

We’re heading into the season of fall feasts and holiday gatherings. That means potlucks and picnics where you will be expected to show up with festive goodies to share. For some, the challenge of making delectable treats is their favorite part of the holiday season. For everyone else, it is a source of anxiety. Well, worry no more, because with these Irvine bakeries, you’ll be the star of any holiday get together. From bread to brownies, cookies to cakes, and pastries to pies, you’ll find treats that will have everyone make you what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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Catch the Colors of Fall Before They Fade

While most people associate Orange County with palm trees as far as the eye can see. But guess what, there are plenty of deciduous trees around (hello, it’s Orange County), so we will get to participate in the great fall tradition of leaf watching! The yellows, oranges, and reds of Autumn are one of the many reasons it is a lot of peoples’ favorite season.

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