Shop with a Purpose During Plastic Free July

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These eco-minded brands are right in the neighborhood and make it easy to live sustainably this season

Have you heard about Plastic Free July? It’s a global movement that aims to decrease plastic pollution and protect the environment by urging individuals to cut down on using single-use plastics like grocery bags, bottles and straws. From reusable utensils and grocery bags to inventive jewelry, it’s been inspiring to see so many brands pop up that are creative about how to produce ethical products and contribute to low waste living.

In the spirit of being a little more ethically conscious this month, we’ve located some Orange County shops that put this mission at the forefront of their business — and not just in July! Here are some of our favorites that are right near your Main Street Village apartment home in Irvine, CA.

Eco Now

9 minutes away from our community

Founded in 2018, this eco-friendly shop has home-grown roots. In its early days, the founder believed in creating a company that reduces plastic waste and she sewed single use and plastic alternatives to sell at local farmers markets. They now have their own store that “provides locally sourced, handmade and eco-friendly goods.”

Their beautiful products range from personal care to home cleaning to “zero waste kits.” Looking for an easy way to ditch plastic? Order a compostable bamboo straw or cutlery! Eco Now knows that even the smallest of changes make a big impact. Right now, you can receive your items by ordering ahead of time for delivery or in-store pickup. You can even purchase gift cards!  

SEED Peoples Market

9 minutes away from our community

When you want a large selection of ethical brands from local and global artisans, look no further than SEED Peoples Market! This market houses gorgeous items that include men and women’s clothing, outdoor pieces and home decor. Their mantra is “Products with a Purpose.”

SEED’s selection will inspire you to live sustainably (in style!) in your Orange County apartment. The market is now open with new COVID policies in place, but you can also order your goods for curbside pickup.

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