Grab Some New Adventure Gear from a Nearby Outdoor Store This Summer

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Maximize your time in the outdoors with the proper equipment from a local shop

It’s late summer in Irvine, CA, which means clear skies and long, HOT days. How are you staying cool while enjoying the outdoors?

At Main Street Village, we’re so grateful to have close access to the ocean and endless possibilities for outdoor adventure. If you’ve been looking to get out on the water or out of town on a weekend camping trip, check out one of the below shops to buy or rent the proper gear for your excursion. They’re right near our apartments in Irvine!

Southwind Kayak Center

Southwind Kayak Center website

7 minutes away from our community

When it comes to kayaks and paddle boards, this Irvine shop has everything you need. While you can shop online for outdoor gear at Southwind Kayak Center, they also have an Irvine walk-in store right in the neighborhood. Employees of this shop are super knowledgeable on all things “water adventure” — they’ve been at it since 1987!

If you’re new to kayaking or just want to learn more about equipment and tips, check out their blog! From updates on their merchandise to help with deciding which kayak is right for you, it’s a great resource for beginners and experts alike.


REI, Yelp

12 minutes away from our community

It’s hard to find a store that’s more classic and beloved by outdoor enthusiasts than REI. Interested in outdoor adventure gear? They likely have everything you could want for any type of outdoor activity. What they lack in local charm is made up for in quantity of supplies; it’s the perfect place to shop if you know (more or less) what you want and have to knock out a bunch of items on your wish list. At REI, you can grab camping gear, hiking boots, a yoga mat and a mountain bike all in one trip.

While REI is a large chain, their team of experts offers virtual advice sessions on camping and backpacking, paddling, cycling, running shoe fit, hiking footwear fit and gearing up for your next adventure — you can book your free session here! You can also browse the “Expert Advice” section of their website for advice on things like perfecting your trail-running technique, training for a backpacking trip and how to choose a snowboard, all broken out by topic!

Ray’s Rentals

Ray’s Rentals, Yelp

20 minutes away from our community

Are you looking to rent some gear for the day without committing to a big purchase? Head over to Ray’s Rentals! They have several Southern California locations, including two in Newport Beach just 20 minutes away from our Irvine apartments.

They rent out all sorts of outdoor gear that would complete a beachside day trip, including surfboards, bikes, bodyboards, kayaks, paddle boards and more! Their shop also carries beach wear if you’re looking to grab some new clothing or sunglasses. Check out their FAQ section before you go!
Where have your weekend adventures been leading you this summer? Are you enjoying all the wonderful beaches and nature that are close to our Main Street Village apartment homes? Let us know your favorite outdoor activity and the best place to grab gear!

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