Plan Your Perfect Irvine Picnic

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Grab your blanket, head out to an Irvine park and munch on some picnic snacks with friends

Dining options may be limited right now, but it’s the perfect time to plan the picnic of your dreams in Irvine, CA! Not only are picnics super fun during any given summer, but they may even be considered the biggest heroes of this summer in particular. Picnics outside allow you to support your favorite local businesses, get some fresh air and hang out with friends from a distance.

While there are infinite ways to plan a picnic, here are some of our suggestions to maximize your outdoor snacking experience and eat well along the way!

William R Mason Regional Park, County Website

We’re so fortunate that Main Street Village is located near some great parks. Our favorite in the city of Irvine? William R Mason Regional Park, only a 9-minute drive away! This gorgeous park spans 300+ acres of luscious greenery and makes the perfect picnic spot with epic water views. With many rows of trees, it’s easy to find a spot in the shade. Pro tip: Arrive early and bike along the bike path or walk on some hiking trails! This park offers so many options to get in some movement and escape in nature pre- or post-picnic — it’s one of the best spots in Irvine!

Looking for an alternative OC park? Try out Bill Barber Memorial Park! This Irvine park is smaller in size, but a little closer to home! You can find this 42-acre picnic spot just eight minutes away. You can even rent out a picnic shelter in advance!

First Sandwich, Yelp

Not every meal is intended to be enjoyed outside on the grass, but some are perfect for it! Sandwiches top the list when it comes to food that’s easy to grab and eat at the park.

Le Diplomate Cafe is located right outside William R Mason Regional Park and has a robust menu of sandwiches, including options like a Hot Chicken Broccoli Mushroom and a Cold Feta Melt. If you want to grab a (very) local sandwich just a 5-minute walk away from home, head to First Sandwich! Of course, you can’t go wrong with In-N-Out Burger, which is also right next to William R Mason.

Looking for a lighter option? Poke bowls are great for on-the-go munching. Try out Poke Dot, just a 6-minute drive away! You’ll enjoy all the benefits of sushi without the mess.

Center Hub, Yelp

If you’re looking to take your picnicking up a notch, grab a to-go cocktail on your way there! Center Hub, a nearby, trendy food hall bar, is serving up a handful of carryout cocktails including a margarita, a moscow mule and a “Miche-Claw-Da” made from mango White Claw among other tasty ingredients like watermelon and tajin. It’s one of the best cocktail spots in Irvine! Alternatively, you could grab some sparkling water, kombucha or local wine from Albertsons to top off your meal, right below the park.
What’s your favorite way to picnic? In Irvine, CA, there’s endless options for great scenery, food and beverages. We hope you can squeeze in another few picnics before Fall!


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