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Common Allergens in Orange County and How to Combat Them

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The United States averages slightly over 200 days of sunshine per year, while Orange County gets closer to 300 days of annual sunshine. So it should come as no surprise that the city is known for its outdoor activities. While you may feel the urge to travel throughout Irvine and Orange County from Main Street Village Apartments, itchy eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose can interfere. By understanding the common allergens and ways to combat them, you can enjoy everything the region has to offer.

Common Allergens

Grasses, weeds, tree pollen, and mold spores are the most common allergens in Orange County.


According to the University of California's Irvine Medical Center, grasses are the most common allergens in Orange County. Since the region has a longer-than-average growing season, if you have a grass allergy, you may notice that you have symptoms mainly during spring and summer, often beginning as early as March and not ending until September.


Olive, oak, maple, and California juniper trees produce tree pollens that are well-known to trigger allergic rhinitis in Orange County. Like grass, trees also tend to pollinate for a long time due to the extended growing season. The California juniper trees, for instance, may start pollinating as early as January and continue until June.

Weeds and Molds

Although Irvine and Orange County aren't known for many rainy days, an unusually wet month can result in more weeds and molds than usual, and these can trigger allergy symptoms. Mold spores and weed pollen are common throughout the year in this area, although atypical freezing spells may give you some relief.

How to Combat Allergies

You can take certain steps besides taking allergy medicine to better control your allergies.

Stay Indoors

The area around Irvine has a great deal to offer, but you should try to stay indoors on the days when your allergen is most prevalent. In particular, stay in when it's windy or dry out.

Remove Clothing Inside Immediately

As soon as you come inside, remove your clothing and place it in the hamper. Make sure you shower and wash your hair as well to remove all the pollen, or you'll bring the outdoor allergies inside to continue to bother you.

Close Windows When Pollen Is High

Watch the news to determine when pollen counts are high. Close your windows and doors on those days to avoid letting the outside air in.

Go Outside in Daytime or Evening

The mornings are when pollen counts are highest, so schedule outdoor activities during the day or evening.

Keep in mind that even if you have to spend time inside to combat allergens, the amenities at Main Street Village can keep you happily occupied.

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  1. I trust this message finds you well. I recently came across your blog post, “Common Allergens in Orange County and How to Combat Them,” and I want to express my gratitude for the valuable information provided.

    Living in Orange County, where the climate can sometimes bring about specific allergens, it’s incredibly helpful to have a comprehensive guide on common triggers and practical strategies to combat them. Your article not only identifies prevalent allergens but also offers actionable tips for individuals looking to minimize their impact on daily life.

    I particularly appreciate the emphasis on both indoor and outdoor allergens, as well as the inclusion of preventative measures. The insights into creating a healthier living environment align with the well-being of Orange County residents.


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