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Main Street Village
Main Street Village
Main Street Village - Mountain Biking and Cycling Trails in Irvine

Mountain Biking and Cycling Trails in Irvine

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It's almost time to gear up for another biking season in Orange County. With over 300 miles of bike trails, Irvine has countless options for riders. Biking enthusiasts can also find the perfect route, with dozens of nearby trails catering to all skill levels.

Bike Trails For All Levels

The city of Irvine, in Orange County, is known as one of the most bike-friendly communities in the nation. Check out these options to find a bike trail that is right for you.

San Diego Creek Trail

Only 2 miles away from Main Street Village, San Diego Creek Trail is a 9-mile, point-to-point track taking riders along beautiful San Diego Creek. With parks and shopping spots along the way, this trail makes a great ride for families and single riders alike.

Quail Loop Trail

Quail Loop Trail offers a light 1.5 miles loop ideal for beginner mountain bikers. Quail Loop has a stunning ride perfect for a short outing by cycling through beautiful woodlands and grasslands.

Deer Canyon and El Moro Canyon Loop

Mountain bikers looking for a challenging bike trail should visit Deer Canyon's tracks. Featuring an 8-mile loop to journey through beautiful hills and canyons, exercising and getting fresh air will become a habit. With over 1,000 feet of elevation gain, riders travel from Laguna Beach to the bluffs of Crystal Cove National Park.

You can find a great variety of trails to choose from, just a short drive or cycling away from the Main Street Village apartments. Whether you are looking for mountain biking trails or regular bike trails, you'll find one perfect for you within the city of Irvine.


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