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Main Street Village
Main Street Village
The Top Community Amenities for Apartment Rentals

The Best Community Amenities for Apartment Rentals

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When looking for your new home, some details outside the apartment are as important as looking for a place you like. Living somewhere that offers excellent amenities could improve your lifestyle and give you an energy boost by having everything you want at your doorstep. But what should you look for?

Resort-Style Amenities for Apartments

Have you ever dreamed of having a pool near your home? It can become a reality with Main Street Village. Check out our resort-style pool and chill out after a good work day! This amenity can help you clear your mind and cool down from a hot summer day in the pool. The fact that we also have a junior Olympic pool and two spacious hot tubs is a great plus!

Some amenities people want when looking for an apartment include spaces where they can keep themselves active, such as a fitness center. Think about it; you won’t have to worry about a monthly membership and have to transport yourself to a gym. When having a fitness center in your luxury apartment complex, you can easily keep yourself active and feel more drawn to exercise, since it won’t take much time to get to the gym, and staying active will benefit your health.

Don’t forget about your furry friend! Our pet-friendly apartments welcome you and include a spacious dog zone where you can train your dog and let them stretch their paws. Enjoy our outdoor areas carefully made for them, and create new memories with your best friend! Learn more about our amenities in

What About the “Basics”?

We just talked about the best amenities people look for in apartments, but don’t forget to consider some “classic” amenities before making a decision, such as a garage, covered parking space, an elevator, etc. Before considering moving to a new apartment, don’t forget the basics. They make a real difference in your living experience.

Your New Apartment in Irvine, California

If you’re looking for your next home, Main Street Village has all the top amenities! Contact us to see our luxury and pet-friendly apartments in Irvine, CA, and fall in love with your new home's fantastic amenities. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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