We think everyone can agree that dogs make the world a better place! And we all know there’s nothing better than bringing our four-legged best friend with us as we run errands around town. So when it comes to going out to eat, you guessed it, having your pup there makes it all the more fun. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in the Irvine area for you and your pup to grab a bite to eat. 


The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Food that’s made fresh every day, ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced, and a rotating menu that embraces the flavors of the season is what you’ll find when you dine at The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. Oh, and of course a dog-friendly patio full of all shapes and sizes of fluffy, four legged pals. And you won’t be the only one eating like a king/queen! Lazy Dog also offers a menu for your pooch, with everything from grilled hamburger patties to grilled chicken breast and brown rice, you and your pup will leave full and satisfied! Keep in mind that at any restaurant that abides by the health department’s rules, dogs must be on a leash and the friendly wait staff are not allowed to pet your dog (no matter how badly they want to). 


TAPS Fish House and Brewery

Ensuring absolute freshness and quality, TAPS Fish House and Brewery hand-cuts their steaks and fish every day. And not only is their food delicious, but they also offer award winning lagers and ales. Priding itself on being a true fish house that “celebrates seafood” according to their website, TAPS is a well rounded dining experience for the Irvine community. In addition to their award winning brews, TAPS also offers an award winning brunch! The perfect treat after a Saturday morning walk with your dog. Similar to that of The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, TAPS offers a “Man’s Best Friend” menu for your furry companion, equipped with chicken breast, burger patties and rice. In our opinion, a true measurement of “pet-friendliness” at any dog friendly restaurant is if they do or don’t offer food (or treats) for our pups. Thankfully, TAPS and Lazy Dog both do. 


Park Bench Cafe 

Okay okay, the Park Bench Cafe isn’t exactly in Irvine, but it’s so great we couldn’t pass it up. While it’s all kinds of fun bringing your dogs to a pet friendly restaurant patio and letting them ‘order’ off of the pup-friendly menu, the Park Bench Cafe takes dog friendly dining to the next level. This family owned and operated cafe, tucked away in the Huntington Beach Park, is a full service cafe where all of the seating is outside! Perfect for the dogs and a refreshingly unique dining experience for dog owners, the Park Bench Cafe is really the most ideal spot to dine with your pooch. And while other restaurants offer chicken and rice, Park Bench Cafe kicks it up a notch with a “Canine Cuisine” menu, offering items like the “Rover easy scrambled eggs” and “Bow-Wow-Wow” chicken. The next time you feel like treating your dog to a day that’s all about them, make sure you visit the Park Bench Cafe. 


Here at Main Street Village, we know that dogs are a part of the family, and that’s why we wanted to highlight some of the best places in Irvine to show them they are! Check out these dog-friendly restaurants and cafes and let us know about your experience on Facebook and Instagram. While you’re at it, keep following the blog here for more local Orange County favorites.