While our Irvine winter temperatures of 70 degrees may seem warm to non-Californian’s, to us, it’s chilly enough to crave a big warm bowl of ramen. I mean really, can you think of a better way to warm up than from the inside out with a savory bowl of spicy miso pork broth mixed with ramen noodles, meat and other toppings? That sounds like the perfect recipe for an Irvine winter afternoon if you ask us! So if you’re in need of some delicious comfort food, check out these three ramen restaurants near Main Street Village.


HiroNori Craft Ramen

In 2011, Hiro and Nori met in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Six short years later they founded the craft ramen restaurant that all of Irvine and LA have come to know and love, HiroNori. Their combined experience and passion for delicious food has helped to make HiroNori Craft Ramen a favorite ramen spot in SoCal. Offering tonkotsu pork ramen, shoyu chicken and pork ramen and even vegan ramen with sesame miso broth, vegetables and artisan noodles, HiroNori is every ramen lovers paradise. With a mission to serve authentic ramen in Orange County, you won’t want to miss this delicious treasure that is just minutes from your home at MSV.


Ajisen Ramen

Since the late 1960s, Ajisen Ramen has perfected the secret recipe and fresh noodles that other ramen restaurants can only dream of crafting. Originating in Kumamoto of Kyushu, Japan, Ajisen boasts a menu that bursts with authentic flavors in every dish. The talented chefs at Ajisen make fresh noodles every day. These noodles are served in the tonkotsu broth that simmers for hours on end, reflecting the traditional cooking practices of Japan. The flavor is unmatched and the dining experience has you looking forward to your next visit. With restaurant branches nationwide, locals are lucky to have a taste of Japan right here in Irvine to warm up with and enjoy when the days start to get chilly.

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Hakata Ikkousha Ramen

Hakata Ikkousha Ramen also crafts hand made noodles in house every day, which complements their rich and flavorful broth. Inspired by the ramen style of Hakata Japan, Ikkousha Ramen offers authentic, thick and creamy deliciousness in every bowl. On their menu, you will notice unique ramen variations such as “Black Tonkotsu Ramen” where thin Japanese noodles and tender pork cha-shu are served in a dark tonkotsu black broth, the “Mentai Ramen” which has a special blend of spicy cod roe, or even their “God Fire Ramen” that uses Ikkousha’s secret spicy noodles. With premium toppings like green onions, boiled egg, and bamboo, you will feel full and satisfied by the wide range of flavor in every dish.


As we head into the depths of winter and summer seems so close (yet so far) away, cozy up with a big warm bowl of ramen from one of these delicious ramen restaurants in the Irvine area. Be sure to let us know how you enjoyed your meal on Facebook or Instagram, and keep following the Main Street Village blog here for more Irvine treasures.