Life is short; Go shopping. There’s so much to do around our apartment community, especially shopping! We have so many options for whatever you’re in the mood for. Personally, we love boutiques. We found a few local luxury boutiques in the area that are worth the price tag.


At Chloe, fashion is timeless. They’re known for their classic, vintage-esque style. If Coco Chanel is your fashion icon, you’ll love this boutique. There’s something beautiful about vintage fashion that makes a person feel special wearing it. Like you’ve taken a bit of history along with you into our present. Much like the muted tones of the past, they have business casual apparel of pastel colors, as opposed to bold, for those who prefer their personality to stand out more than their clothing. Stop in and see if there are a few items your closet must have.

Velocity Fashion

Shop where the celebrities shop. Velocity Fashion is a luxury boutique that provides an exclusive shopping experience. It’s so exclusive, there are even memberships you can apply for on their website. Shop until you drop while feeling like a star in Irvine.


At Lovebird, fall in LOVE with their fancy dresses. They’re all about high fashion and a fun and flirty style. Their clothing is unique and form-fitting, in soft colors to make a bold statement without raising their voice. Bold colors aren’t the only colors that can do the talking for you. Head over and feel some of their gorgeous velvet items for yourself.

Are you now in the shopping spree mood? Choose the right boutique for your style! Afterward, share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Instagram. Keep following our blog here for more local shopping recommendations.