While sunny and 75 might not be considered “Fall” in other parts of the U.S, here in California it’s cool enough for us to justify decorating the apartment with autumn colors, cozy blankets and pumpkin decor. Since it’s finally the season for homemade soups, cuddling on the couch for a movie, and filling our apartments with seasonal decor here are three places you can find the perfect household essentials for autumn decor, and tips for what to buy while you’re there.

Marshalls (for dining room place settings)

Once Halloween is over, everyone seems to skip right past Thanksgiving and head straight for Christmas trees and decorations; but any good host knows the opportunity to be had in decorating your dining area for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner! And Marshall’s pretty much has it all. With everything from pumpkin themed centerpieces to appetizer plates with turkey’s, it really won’t take long to find everything you need to get festive this season. Here are some ideas for what to grab at Marshalls when decorating your dining area:


  • A table runner in either a neutral color or pattern (such as a leaves table runner) that will match your other fall tabletop decor.
  • Pumpkins of various sizes and colors. Bonus points if they have cute writing or quotes on them! 
  • Neutral toned dinner plates, with appetizer plates that are autumn toned ceramic (such as burnt orange, beige or rustic green) for a pop of color.
  • Paper or cloth napkins and kitchen towels that either match your table runner, or intentionally contrasts it with another autumn color/shade/pattern.
  • The finishing touch will be fresh (or fake) fall floral arrangements, but you’ll have better luck finding those elsewhere- we’ll get to that later!



Target (for blankets, pillows and fall candles)

There’s no better feeling than relaxing on the couch after a long day, especially when there is a chill in the air. That’s why having a soft, cozy fall throw blanket to cuddle up with is crucial, and Target has you covered! When picking out new blankets to match your fall decor, it’s important to consider the other colors and seasonal decor in your apartment so as to not overwhelm the space with too many contrasting tones. If you have primarily grays and neutrals, try an orange blanket, such as this one, to add some color. Or, if you already have a colorful space, add a neutral grey or tan blanket to warm up the color scheme of the room. 

Once you have some throw blankets to keep on the couch, add some character with a decorative throw pillow! We love this gold pumpkin pillow and this fall leaves pillow. Then, light some fall candles and call it a day.


Whole Foods (for flowers and pumpkin spice treats)

Last but not least is the power of a beautiful bouquet of fall colored flowers to add a refreshing ambiance to a living space. Whole Foods has you covered with a variety of floral arrangements that will give your table, kitchen counter or living room a beautiful focus point. You might even want to grab a leaf wreath to hang on your front door! And while you’re picking your fall florals, you can grab some pumpkin spice scones that will fill your apartment with flavors and smells of the season as well! 

The beauty of decorating for fall (and really any season) is your ability to add unique twists. Now that you know where to find inspiration here in Irvine, we’d love to see your autumn decor and home accents! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know how you used our decorating tips! While you’re at it, keep following our blog here for more creative ideas and places around town to fuel your inspiration.