Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and if you’re hosting this year, the holiday stress might be starting to settle in. Plus, with November nearly over, that means Christmas festivities are closer than they might seem! But have no fear, Main Street Village is here to help ease your worry with your guide to hosting this holiday season. Follow these tips for hosting and you’re sure to feel less stressed and more prepared when guests start knocking on your door in the coming weeks!


Plan ahead

The more prepared you are for hosting family and friends for an evening, the more confident you will feel! So when it comes to planning for a holiday party, start early and stay on top of it. Making a to-do list is a great start! We all know the dates of Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. but if you are hosting on a day that isn’t the exact holiday, it’s important that your guests know! Set the date, time and location and make sure those who will be coming to your place know all of these important details. An easy way to do this (and keep a headcount of who will be coming) is by creating a Facebook event. Check out this how-to video here that walks you through making a private event on Facebook. This way you can invite everyone all in one place, and your guests can RSVP, ask questions and chat with everyone else who is invited!



Communicate with your guests

Whether or not you decide to create a Facebook event invitation, it is extremely important that you communicate with your guests what they can expect from the festive night at your place! When inviting your friends and family over, make sure you are prepared to give them a heads up of what food and drinks you will provide, and what you’d like for them to bring with them! This also helps in your planning process, giving you an idea of things you won’t need to add to your hosting grocery or to-do list.



Have a music playlist and board games

Everyone loves the ambiance that music brings to a dinner party, and although it can be hard to please everyone, there’s plenty of online platforms these days that can ease the stress of picking the holiday tunes! Spotify, for example, has pre-made playlists that you can sort through by genre, artists, moods and even ones for “holiday parties.” So really all you need to do is have speakers ready to play when guests arrive! Then, once you have music, food and drinks, it’s equally as important to have something to keep your guests entertained while you start cleaning up after the big meal. Some crowd favorite board and card games that are great for larger groups might include Catan or Cards Against Humanity.

Hopefully these tips help you feel a little more prepared for all of the fun that comes with hosting dinner for the holidays (and less stressed!). What are your favorite things to do in preparation for having friends and family over? Share your hosting tips and tricks with us on Facebook and Instagram! And keep following the blog here to stay ahead of the rush of the holidays.