We’ll admit it – we have a sweet tooth. We love the many dessert and bakery choices we live near. Bakeries, especially, are some of our guilty food pleasures. We are practically drooling over these local Irvine bakeries. Take some time out of your week to give these a try.

85C Bakery Cafe

85C Bakery Cafe is loved by humans and pets alike! They’re pet-friendly and welcome you to share your love of sweets with your best four-legged friend. They like to keep their sunny, and bright, disposition shining, but their environment a cool 85 degrees celsius. Cool down with a cup of their delicious Salt Strawberry Green Tea with a buddy this week!

Champagne Bakery

With a name like Champagne Bakery they have to be classy and they certainly live up to their name. They’re all about luxurious breakfast foods, champagne included. They represent elegance in their online presence as well as their choice of staff. Enjoy their chocolate-covered strawberries with a glass of their finest with your bestie!

Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours is as fancy as their name sounds. They take their baking to the next level. Their cake designs are unique and look amazing! And they don’t settle for boring, common croissants either. Even their croissants have something a little extra added inside or on top of them. Give their specialty baked goods a try this week and share with a friend!

Is your sweet tooth aching? Give it what it wants! After you satisfy your sweets-craving, we welcome you to share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Instagram. And keep following us here for more local bakery recommendations.