There’s nothing that says “summer is coming” like a juicy, perfectly cooked burger! The delicate mixture of meat and magic on a bun turns any day into a great day! Whether you are a fan of the plain burger or you are all about toppings, Orange County has you covered. These burger palaces are serving up hot and juicy beef served exactly the way you want it. 

The Cut

The Cut might have the most perfect California story of any burger restaurant around. It started as a food truck that became so wildly popular, it grew into a bona fide burger destination! They also are all about quality of ingredients, serving only certified humane, hormone and antibiotic free, free range Angus beef. Everything is made fresh in-house so you can be sure of freshness. For a handcrafted, artisanal burger experience, you can’t beat The Cut.


Sometimes it is hard to commit to just one option. Luckily, there is a simple solution: sliders! Burntzilla is the reigning king of sliders in Irvine. This restaurant is yet another example of OC food trucks who made it big. In this case, two popular trucks combined: Dogzilla and Burnt came together to form a hybrid of deliciousness that is leading the way in mini food. Try a variety of burger sliders, and even throw in a couple of mini hotdogs. You can make your own feast by piecing together your favorite flavors.

Ground House

When it comes whimsy in food, Ground House has cornered the market. Their out of this world creations have been dazzling guest and lighting up Instagram feeds everywhere. Try the colorful Magical Burger, complete with gooey cheese, a rainbow-colored bagel bun, and finished off with sprinkles. This multi-colored delight has been featured on magazines, tv shows, vlogs, and more! Soon after the release of the Magical Burger, Ground House hit viral marketing gold again with the introduction of their Fry Roullette wheel! It comes with six different types of fries, tots, and onion rings, along with an assortment of a dozen different dipping sauces! This place isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a full blown sensory experience!

In-N-Out Burger

It’s hard to beat a classic. In-N-Out is a staple of California. It’s as much a part of life here as sunshine or the beach or palm trees. While they focus on only a few marquee menu items, it’s the variations that make the In-N-Out experience. Get a Double Double Animal Style or try your fries well done. The secret menu may not be posted, but it is there to bring variety to your life! Check out all the off menu options here! And no trip to In-N-Out is complete without a mouthwatering shake!

There’s almost no wrong way to have a burger. And with this list, you’ll have all bases covered. Try out one of these burger joints and let us know what you think on Facebook and Instagram. And keep following our blog here for more Irvine inspiration.