for most people, a pet is more than just a pet. It is a best friend. A source of entertainment. A confidant. A loving presence in times of trouble. for those pet owners, nothing but the best will do! You want your furry friend to live their happiest life, and you will do anything to make that happen. Luckily, Irvine is a fantastic place to raise pets! There is so much opportunity for a dog in Orange County. We’re here to give you a guide to your best pet life in Irvine. Here is everything you will need to keep that tail wagging. 


Irvine Central Bark

Not everyone can live in a Pet-Friendly community like Main Street Village. They even have their own dog park on-site! But for a change of pace, Irvine Central Bark is a beautiful alternative. Your pooch car be free to run and play to their hearts’ content! There are plenty of other dogs around to play with, so they will get some socializing in and will be all the healthier for it. Central Bark is a great place to get their zoomies out and dig and fetch in an enclosed, safe environment. There is even a separate enclosed area especially for smaller or more frail dogs where they can feel safe too!

Kriser’s Natural Pet

When it comes to your pets’ food, toys, accessories, etc., you want to get the highest quality possible. That’s where Kriser’s comes in. Their philosophy is “If it’s not good for us, it’s not good for our pets.” They strive to provide all natural foods that will help keep your pet healthier and living longer, with fewer trips to the vet. Don’t give your pet just another dry food with no nutritional value. Kriser’s can help you find the best food and supplies for your specific pet, guaranteed!

Passionate 4 Pets

We get it… it’s hard to leave your pet! While you’re away, you worry about them being lonely or getting into trouble. Worry no more! Passionate 4 Pets offers a variety of services to make sure your pet is getting quality play time. From pet walking to visits to overnight stays, Passionate 4 Pets will care for your pet like their own. they will make sure your furry BFF is pampered and treated like royalty while you are away. You can rest assured knowing your cuddle buddy is in good hands!

There you have it! Your precious baby will have the best life possible with these Irvine hotspots! Do you have another favorite pet pampering place in Irvine? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. And keep following our blog here for more Irvine goodness!