When you are in a hurry and need to grab lunch on the go, there is no reason to compromise with the same old junk food. That drive through can wait for another day. Your next lunch is waiting for you at a gourmet lunch truck right here in OC. Food trucks have come a long way in the last decade, and the cheap eats they provide can rival the best sit -down restaurants. Try one of these mobile meal vehicles and change the way you do lunch.


Dogzilla is “not your typical wiener.” They take the familiar hot dog to a whole new level by introducing creative Asian influence to this classic American cuisine. Expect the unexpected with ingredients like yakisoba noodles, furikake seasoning, homemade teriyaki sauce, bacon, avocados and other non-traditional toppings that you can’t find on any other hot dog. Oscar Meyer can keep their weenie mobile. When it comes to hot dogs on the go, Dogzilla reigns supreme!

Check the schedule section Dogzilla’s website for the times and locations of this fantastic food truck. 

The Burnt Truck

The humble burger  goes gourmet with the crew at the The Burnt Truck. Their sliders are truly Instagram worthy with their pioneering approach to simple, comfort food. This is more than a fast food joint. Each slider is lovingly prepared by classically trained chefs with years of experience and a passion for taking food to the next level. They have also teamed up with Dogzilla to create Burtnzilla, a brick and mortar restaurant that creates miniature gourmet delights for the foodie in your life.

Maiz Cocina

Mexican food on wheels is pretty easy to find in Southern California. But MAIZ Cocina doesn’t settle for average. They are easily one of the best Authentic Mexican food trucks around, creating explosive flavors with quality ingredients every day. This isn’t your typical chips and cheese truck. Dig into a delicious meal with perfectly cooked steak or chicken, fresh vegetables, and tasty house made sauces.

For meals on the go, you can’t beat a quality food truck. Give one of these a try and let us know what you think on Facebook or Instagram. And keep following us here for more local dining recommendations.