It counts as “healthy” if there’s fruit in it, right? Why not? We love FroYo! We’ll find any excuse to justify our visits to our local frozen yogurt spots. We named a few of our favorites we wanted to share with you!


You won’t leave Yogurtland hungry! Their cups are what we all crave when getting dessert – filled to the brim! Haven’t we all gotten to the bottom of the cup and felt our hearts sink with upset? No chance of sinking hearts here. They combine California’s two best things in dessert: Knott’s Berry Farm’s berries and FroYo! Try their speciality Boysenberry Pie flavor!


Do you like to mix it up when you get FroYo? Menchie’s is your place! They constantly put out new flavors, to keep things interesting. They cater to introverts and extroverts alike! Get a group together at a table by the window or order ahead through their app and pick it up to enjoy on your own at home with us! We understand the need for treats-to-go.

Tutti Frutti

Do you have small eaters in the family, or are you the light eater? Tutti Frutti has small portion sizes for light eaters who still want dessert after dinner. Even smaller stomachs love sweets! Go for your favorite flavor or try something special, like their Birthday Cake and Gingerbread flavors.

Are you dying for some FroYo yet? Go get your fill! When you’re done scraping the cup clean, we welcome you to share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Instagram. And keep following us here for more local dessert recommendations.