Long hair, short hair, tall, small and everything in between; pets are part of the family. Here at Main Street Village, our pet-friendly community values the energy and companionship that four-legged companions bring to a household! We also know how necessary a quality grooming session can be after a fun trip to the Main Street Village dog park. So the next time your furry companion is in need of a wash, groom, and relaxing day at the spa, here are three Irvine area pet groomers who would love to pamper your pup! 


The Bone Adventure S’PAW

The story of The Bone Adventure Inc. dates back to the early 2000s when Diane Cuniff founded the dog boarding, grooming, swim club and daycare hub that the pet owners of Orange County has come to know and love. Given that staying social and active are two key components to a dog’s overall health and well being, The Bone Adventure offers a cage-free, clean and fun place for dogs to make friends, exercise and socialize. With that, experienced pet groomers and top of the line products and equipment make The Bone Adventure S’paw a no-brainer when it comes to choosing who to trust with taking care of your magical mutt. Whether your pup just needs a bath and trim or a full de-shedding treatment, The Bone Adventure S’paw has you covered.


Paw Sweet Paw

Paw Sweet Paw is the equivalent of a doggy daycare paradise. An oasis where your dog can meet new furry friends, play, and get a nice wash and groom along with it. Primarily popular for offering pet boarding and daycare services, and recognized on “This is LA” as the best pet hotel in Orange County, Paw Sweet Paw executes state of the art pampering for your pet. Metal-free dog wash tubs for ultimate comfort, hypoallergenic and aloe-vera shampoos, highly experienced groomers, and climate control grooming areas are just a few things that make Paw Sweet Paw a go-to destination for pet services. Unlike some other groomers, your dog will look forward to the day they get to go to this neighborhood paw spa!


Hydrant Pet Hotel

More than a boarding service, the Hydrant Pet Hotel is a premier choice when it comes to pampering your pup. Priding themselves in going beyond a simple doggy daycare facility, the Hydrant provides 5-star, luxury services for the pets of Orange County. Not only does the Hydrant offer grooming, pet supplies, boarding and indoor/outdoor play areas, but also pet taxi services! For those times when life gets crazy but your four-legged companion is totally overdue for a trip to the dog groomer, the Hydrant can pick them up for you. Convenience and quality wrapped into one is what you get when you pamper your pet with the Hydrant Pet Hotel’s services.


You feed your pet the best food on the market, spoil them with the highest quality treats, so it’s only right to pamper them with dog grooming at the best grooming salons in Irvine. Give these local spas a try and let us know your pup loved it on Facebook or Instagram! And keep following the Main Street Village blog here to stay in the loop with the best spots in Irvine.