Time to stock up on your groceries for the week? It’s as good a time as any to support local grocers! There are tons of Southern California based grocery stores in Irvine and Orange County – keep reading to learn what our favorite picks are.

Mother’s Markets

A SoCal favorite, Mother’s Market is a great local business to support right now. They’ve got fresh, organic produce, plenty of vitamins and supplements, cafes offering healthy takeout meals, and home grocery delivery! Their fresh produce, proteins, and snack options make it easy to make a healthy, wholesome choice. The Mother’s Market Team is always friendly, and you’ll leave with high-quality food to enjoy. Even better, their Michelson Drive location is just a 5 minute drive from Main Street Village! Head to their website to learn about the current Safe Shop hours and regular business hours. 


Starter Bros. Markets

Starter Bros. has been serving Southern California since 1936! They’ve got a great selection, and their employees are a pleasure. If you’re working on spicing things up in your home cooking, check out the Recipes section of the Starter Bros. website! Their Baker Street, Newport Blvd, and Kensington Park locations are all just 10 minutes from Main Street Village. Be sure to check their social media to stay up to date on their current Senior Shopping Hours



If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean while you grab your weekly groceries, Pavilions on Balboa is a great option. You can count on this local chain for stocked shelves and smiling faces. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for current hours and updates. 

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Posted by Pavilions on Friday, March 20, 2020



In Irvine, California, there are plenty of ways to keep supporting local grocery chains. Wherever you shop, we hope your Main Street Village kitchen is inspiring new culinary adventures.