Music recording has come a long way over the years. Digital technology has allowed record producers to create a smooth, clean sound that sounds almost perfect. But sometimes that level of perfection can leave a song feeling a little soulless. Thus the vinyl renaissance that has sprung up in recent years. With vinyl records, you can hear the depth of sound created by the instruments themselves, not just what makes it through digital compression. It’s as if you are in the studio with the musicians. Finding the right record store is like finding the perfect record; you just keep digging until you find what you are looking for! OC is home to some amazing record shops to build the perfect collection.

Creme Tangerine

Definitely the most unique store on this list, Creme Tangerine is a highly curated vinyl shop that operates out of an Airstream camper. Creme Tangerine is one of the 2 dozen small stores that make up The Lab Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa. After 8 years in business, this tiny record shop is still going strong thanks to the passion of the owners for finding quality vinyl and selling at reasonable prices. If a record store in a camper in an anti-mall sounds like the greatest hipster find of all time, you’re gloriously right! They also have their own record label, so you can discover a new favorite artist while you’re here. 

Analog Record Shop

Analog Record Shop is a tribute to the evolution of music recording through the decades. They sell equipment from the 70s to play your David Bowie or Led Zeppelin albums on, while also keeping up with the newest technology so your new Radiohead album sounds as incredible as it is meant to. With locations in Tustin and Long Beach, you’ve got twice the inventory to explore. It’s a music lover’s paradise!

Port of Sound

With one of the largest vinyl record collections in the world, Port of Sound is one stop shopping for any kind of music you are into. For those worried about being judged by a snobby, musically elite staff, fear not. The owner, Greg Meyer, doesn’t tolerate that attitude. Port of Sound is a safe place to explore your musical taste and find new bands to love. The staff is always full of recommendations and ready to show you something you will love! 

For some, it’s about nostalgia. For others, it’s the desire to be different. Whatever your reason for joining the vinyl revolution, you will keep coming back for the warm and lively sound that makes you feel like the band is playing just for you. Check out these vinyl shops in OC and show us what you found on Facebook or Instagram. And keep following us here for more local yoga or fitness center recommendations.