Good food makes for a good mood. With so many wonderful, vintage diners in Irvine, there’s no excuse for a bad mood! Diners may have a low-key, even grunge, look to them on the outside, but there’s the most amazing American-style food on the inside. We love our local diners! We found three of our favorites in the area.

Ruby’s Diner

Ruby’s Diner is a classic, 1950’s style diner that prides itself on combining history with modernity. Their atmosphere takes you back to simpler, more fun times while also empowering women in their staff and community. If their logo wasn’t enough to convince you, their female-empowered staff will. They boast the best handmade shakes on this side of the coast. Take all your favorite people to Ruby’s on Airport Way and try one of their amazing milkshake flavors.

Woody’s Diner

Surf’s up at Woody’s Diner! They’re a surf-themed, laid back culture that best fits the environment where you’ll want to relax and eat. They’re equally proud of their retro surfer feel and their best burgers in town. While it might feel like you’ve transported to a 60’s beach town, they’re aware they’re still located here in modern California; They have outdoor seating for you and your group. Give their RIOTOUS good burgers a chance!

Mel’s Diner

Mel’s Diner is so simple, it’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the 1950s when you walk through the door. You’ll half-expect to see the servers sporting those raised white boat hats. It has a friendly, comfortable feeling that being put into the past gives you. The classical architecture of the building allows for front bar seating that feels like you’re in the formerly aired television show Cheers. Grab a seat, order a Coke with a cherry on top, and enjoy your time-travel experience back into the 50’s.
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