A wise person once said, or rather sang, “Take a look, it’s in a book.” Anybody who grew up on shows like Reading Rainbow, Between the Lions, or even Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood know how important a role a library can play in a community. Libraries are a study resource, an introduction to new worlds, a learning center, a family destination, and so much more. The Orange County Library System is a perfect example of the positive social impact libraries can have. We’re diving into Orange County public libraries and the wonders they hold for you!


There are more than 30 public libraries are scattered around town, providing a network of locations that each take on the feel of their neighborhood. The nearest location to Main Street Village, the Irvine/University Park Library, is less than 10 minutes away! 

Family activities

Libraries are more than just buildings full of books. They often hold events that are fun for the whole family. Come see your favorite author do a reading from their latest book. Learn a new skill with computer and crafting classes. Or even bring home a new friend from a kitten adoption event! There is always something happening at an Orange County library. 


Of course, the main draw of any library is the massive selection of books. You can find books on any subject at one of the libraries, and if the nearest branch doesn’t have what you are looking for, chances are another branch does. Not only will you find physical books, but a membership to the Orange County Library System opens up a world of digital media as well. Download audiobooks to listen on the road or peruse the news with access to multiple national newspapers. You can even use the library as a resource to dive into your family history with their genealogy tools!


Even in the internet age, libraries are still a great resource for all your information needs. Head to your nearest branch and get yourself a library card. It’s your key to the world! Find a new favorite book at the library? Let us know about it on Facebook or Instagram. And keep following our blog here for more Orange County resources.