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California Gold and Green

Environmental awareness has been a topic that’s pervaded our lives in the past century, through instances like Teddy Roosevelt’s movements to create national preserves and parks, and Al Gore’s introduction to the idea of global warming and the greenhouse effect. At Main Street Village Apartments in Irvine, California, we strive to do our best to not only give you a luxurious home to live in, but a green and eco-friendly one, too.

On the luxury side, Main Street Village spares no effort; every apartment nearly overflows with extravagance. All the rooms are spacious, and with three different interior finishes to choose from, you can personalize your home in a way most other apartments cannot offer. Both the kitchens and the bathrooms feature fine, lovely granite countertops, wood cabinetry for easy storage, and cool stone flooring for simple clean up and maintenance. Kitchens are decorated with a full-height tile backsplash for style and practicality, along with recessed lighting to see clearly during the night hours. Bathrooms offer a large Roman bathtub so you can soak and bathe in utter comfort. Every bedroom comes with a walk-in closet with ample capacity to hang and shelve your belongings, and of course there’s a balcony for you to sit outside and enjoy the brisk Californian sun.

On the eco-friendly side, Main Street Village spares no effort, even in ways you wouldn’t normally expect. The walls are painted with two-tone, low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, and the upgraded carpets are also low VOC, which helps to save the environment from toxicity. The bathrooms have an occupancy sensor connected to their lights: they turn on when you arrive, and then turn off when you leave, saving you both the hassle of struggling to find the light switch in the dark and the amount of electricity you use in a month. The faucets in both the kitchen and bathrooms are low flowing, and the toilets have dual flush capacity in order to save water in instances of drought or just for the sake of clean water conservation. Finally, all kitchen and laundry appliances are from Energy Star Whirlpool, which guarantees limited usage of electricity and water. No matter how you live your life, Main Street Village Apartments will help you save the environment, and save you on the utility bills.

At Main Street Village, we don’t force you to choose between green eco-friendliness and elegant comfort; we offer you both. Do your part to help the world blossom, and visit Main Street Apartments today.


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It Just Makes Frankincense

More and more people have the opportunity to experience a higher echelon of life’s offerings. When it come to luxury style living there is no better experience than Main Street Village luxury apartments in Irvine, CA. When it comes to upper-class lifestyle, community amenities, and overall appeal, this posh apartment spared no innovation.

There is a laundry list of conveniences and niceties that come with living at Main Street Village. It could literally take hours to discuss all the features and how life could be enhanced with each. This community is all about clean natural living. Healthy consumption, active lifestyle, and happiness would be the signature feelings Main Street Village embodies, but chrome plated.

Possibly the simplest, but most intoxicating life enriched feature in one’s humble opinion would be the fresh community garden! Main Street Village has over 30 plots throughout the complex that grows delicious vegetables and aromatic herbs. Yes, literally there is a garden in the back yard that grows natural life-sustaining sustenance for its inhabitants. This is pseudo-Adam-and-Eve type stuff. An Eden, comparable to life on a small farm, again with chrome plated hand shovels and shears. When it’s time to whip up some homemade fare, it’s as easy as walking outside, finding said accompaniments, picking them at the ripest and freshest point, taking them back to the abode, grabbing the chopping board, and start creating a meal fit for any millennial.

When it comes to caring completely about every aspect of the resident’s experience mind body and soul, Main Street Village is all in. By providing their residence all manner of possibility for a richer fuller life creates a warm oasis where people would never want to leave.

Irvine, CA is the perfect place for Main Street Village. Friendly neighbors, great community amenities, and luxury apartment living. It truly takes a village to raise some thyme.

Main Street Village.August 19. Community.Amenities IMAGE

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Keeping Up with Irvine

Irvine, CA is a great community to be nestled within. It is the center of Orange County and the community is constantly active with events to get its residents out and mingling. At the Luxury Community of Main Street Village, in Irvine, CA, we try to keep you and your community connected by bringing news of community events for our residents to participate in. This piece will feature news of the Orange County Fair and the L.A. Rams Pre Season Practices being open to the public at the UCI college field.

Orange County Fair

It’s that time of year again! Your chance to try everything friend, enjoy fun rides, and catch entertaining music, action, and rodeo shows. The Orange County Fair is on its way out and this is the chance for those of you who have not yet gotten the chance to go to get in before its gone. Don’t miss out on your chance to see live music and enjoy all the attraction that the Orange County Fair brings.

L.A. Rams Pre Season Training Camp

The L.A. Rams are bringing professional football back to Irvine, CA. Come down the UCI Crawford Field and see the Rams train in action. Player will be signing autographs at the end of each practice and this is a chance for you to see the work that is put into this upcoming season. For a schedule with specific dates see here. The admission is free and is encouraged. They will be holding their training here from July 30th to August 25th. This is a great opportunity to get to know the work ethic and the players that will make up the Rams 2016 Football season.

If you are looking for luxury housing in the center of Orange County California come by and check us out. We know how to connect our luxury community with the community of Irvine!


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The Angeles: Space, Luxury, and Amenity

When looking for a new two-bedroom luxury apartment there are some key components that you shouldn’t have to give up in your search. These are space, luxury, and amenity. These three concept are what separates average living from living with commodity. At the luxury apartment community of Main Street Village, in Irvine, CA, we give you a maximum under the category of all three of the concepts in our Angeles unit. Let’s take a moment to look at what you get in this luxury apartment unit.


The Angeles gives you as much space as can be wanted in a luxury two-bedroom model. You and your roommate will have rooms in separate ends of the apartment giving privacy and luxury to the both of you. In both your personal ends of the apartment are your bathrooms and closets. The space that is provided for entertaining is also a great commodity to the person renting this space. The Kitchen and Dining areas are of great size to host dinner guest and the space provided for the living area is great for entertaining.


In this unit you will enjoy things that will provide a certain sense of luxury. For example, the patio that is available in each of our units provides a luxurious place for you to get away and be outside in the beautiful Irvine weather. The fine stone flooring that is throughout the kitchen and bathroom areas are another bonus to this wonderful unit.


The Angeles features luxury amenities that provide value and utility. The granite countertops in the kitchen area are not just exquisite for their unique cut but they are also great for its high germ resistance and ease of upkeep.

These are just examples of a couple of the things you get in the Angeles in terms of space, luxury, and amenity. If you are ready to live in a luxury community with models like these, then call us today!


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Earth-friendly and family-oriented

Main Street Village luxury apartments offer comfortable and convenient living in beautiful Irvine, Orange County and a variety of floor plans for families of all sizes.

Every resident here enjoys the same apartment features whether they live in a one, two or three bedroom home. Each apartment has a big, dazzling gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, stone floors and full height backsplashes. There’s also a washer and dryer in every unit and breakfast nooks for casual dining. Spacious bathrooms feature relaxing soaking tubs perfect for a spa night at home. The living area opens up to a private balcony, where many residents can be seen enjoying a glass of wine from a local vineyard. If you love wine, try one of these tours of area vineyards.

The trend these days is all about living in environmentally-friendly communities but there’s often a trade off, space. Living at Main Street Village doesn’t require a compromise. The first privately-owned “Green” Community in Orange County offers space and responsible living all in a beautiful community conveniently located in Irvine.

Residents here enjoy all of the community amenities, from a 24-hour fitness center to a saltwater resort pool. On sunny Southern California weekends, many neighbors like to gather around the BBQ or screen a movie in the private theater room. Sunday mornings are spent tending to the community garden. Luxury living can be good for the environment.

For more on all the features at Main Street Village luxury apartments including the amenities and information about the community’s sustainability, click here. Life can be convenient, comfortable and environmentally responsible here.


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Put on those walking shoes

Everywhere you go, everything you read, everyone you talk to, all the talk seems to be about Pokemon. Chances are you’ll see some people walking around Main Street Village luxury apartments suddenly stopping and starting at their phones, smiling and laughing as they try to catch the little monsters the app serves up.


Or maybe you don’t like the game and are tired of hearing about it. But the great thing about what Pokemon inspires is getting out of the house, exploring the community and seeing some of the beauty that’s all around. And there is plenty of beauty to see around Main Street Village luxury apartments and Irvine.


If you’re looking for a lot of Pokestops in a concentrated area, head to a college campus. There is no shortage of campuses here: University of California, Irvine (UCI), Concordia University, Irvine Valley College, the Orange County Center of the University of Southern California (USC), Brandman University, California Southern University, Stanbridge College and campuses of California State University Fullerton (CSUF), University of La Verne, Pepperdine University, Alliant International University, Kaplan International Colleges, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and Webster University. (That’s a lot of walking!)


You’ll also find Pokestops along the trails and walkways meandering through Irvine. The city offers more than 44 miles of off-road bike trails and more than 280 miles of on-road cycling lanes. Check out the maps here. Be sure to always pay attention to where you’re walking and also, stop and take a moment to absorb the natural scenery surrounding your phone…unless Pikachu is waiting to be caught!


Whether you play Pokemon or not, Main Street Village luxury apartments is a wonderful community in which to live. Take a Pokewalk over here today!


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Main Street Village: Perfect for the Active Worker

Having a certain sense of necessity for community amenities is important for all apartment communities. Often, you will find that there are many that falter in this area. This hurts the community and resident alike. In our community we have amenities that help support the active working residents that we have. At the luxury apartment homes of Main Street Village we believe that support of our residents through the providing of worthwhile amenities is one of the most important elements that we have. Let’s go over some of these treasures, shall we?

One of most prized commodities that we provide in our community is our 2,000 sq. ft. fitness center. Here, our residents of all fitness levels can come and get the workout they want or need. We have all the necessary equipment for you to achieve your fitness goals. We also give you a little bit more by providing a yoga studio for our residents to make use of. Interested in Pilates? We also have a studio for you too. Our residents are also free to utilize the outdoor fitness course that we have as well. To top it off we have a half size basketball court for those who want to improve their game or pick up a half-court game with our other residents.

Here in our luxury apartment community we understand that working is also important for the average Irvine, CA resident and we try to provide our residents with the tools to achieve their work or entrepreneurial goals they have set. We do this by providing a business center that our more industrious or executive residents can use. We have our Hi-Tech conference room available that employs the use of a projector screen. This is a great area for our residents to meet up with their creative or marketing teams to conduct their business.

If all of this sounds great for you, call us today and let’s get started in the process of making you a resident of our community.

Group of people working out at the gym

Group of people working out at the gym

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Single Living with Luxury and Space

Single bedroom apartments are some of the easiest apartment unit types to find in most areas. The problem with that is that not all of the single bedroom units that can be found live up to the standards of those who are not just looking for a single bedroom unit, but a luxurious single bedroom unit. For these people, here at the luxury apartment community of Main Street Village, we have our Tahoe unit which is a one bedroom option that comes packed full of luxury amenities. Let’s take a couple of minutes to go over the incredible benefits that comes with selecting this unit as your own.

The layout of the Tahoe provides function and luxury. This can be seen immediately when you enter by the stone flooring in the kitchen that greets you. The kitchen area has granite counters and state of the art hardware that you are able to utilize. The living, dining, and bedroom areas are all carpeted with upgraded flooring for a fresh new modern look. We give you enough space to utilize in the living and dining area so that you can decorate it with the décor of your choice. It is also worth mentioning that the interior finish of our units comes in three different styles for you to choose from. This means that you are able to choose the finish that you want to accompany the décor of your space.

In this unit you are given storage space throughout in the various closets located within. None are more spacious, however, than the walk-in closet that is attached to your master bedroom. With the included balcony storage our residents are able to store as many items as they see fit without having to worry much about the space provided.

If you are thinking that the Tahoe is a unit you would be interested in call us today and get an application started! We look forward to our next interaction.


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Luxury and Diversity You Can’t Pass By

There are times when you come across an offer you can refuse. No, not in a mob boss kind of way but offers that benefit you so much that it wouldn’t make any sense for you to pass it by. Well, we believe that we have one for you. Here at the luxury apartment community of Main Street Village, located in Irvine, CA, we have apartment units that are loaded with the greatest in luxury amenities and offered to our residents. Let’s go over some of the highlights of the units that are available in our wonderful community. After reading this, you will see why you shouldn’t pass by the chance of living within our community.

In our community you will be able to experience the luxury and the uniqueness of granite countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom area. Granite is a great material to use not only because of its modern look but also because of the ease of cleaning and upkeep. Granite also harbors significantly less germs than other countertop materials. If that is not enough luxury in your bathroom and kitchen areas then maybe the addition of wood cabinetry and stone flooring throughout both rooms will suffice? Both of these room are supplied with energy star whirlpool products which means that your equipment will be efficient and advanced.

The resident who decides to live in our units will be able to enjoy the brand new upgraded carpeting that we feature throughout the units. We also utilize two toned paint for the interior of our units to give the color more of a professional finish. Both the carpeting and the paint used have low VOC (or volatile organic compounds) for the health and safety of our residents. You will also get to choose from three different interior finishes when selecting the unit of your choice.

These are just some of the luxury amenities that you could enjoy if you decided to join us in our community. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, make no hesitation in calling today!


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Your own library? Yes

The advantages of Main Street Village in Irvine, California are many and varied. These luxury apartments for rent are beneficial not only for their ideal location (convenient to awesome eateries like Back Street Brewery), and their fabulous design/features, but also for their stellar community amenities.


For instance, this residential community has its own library (with Wi-Fi). That is the kind of unique thinking that sets Main Street Village apart. How many apartment complexes have you ever heard of that have their own library? Probably not many (or any).


Of course that’s just one feature out of dozens. The aforementioned Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex, in such diverse locations as the 24-hour fitness center, the private pool cabanas, the THREE different pool areas, the clubhouse with gourmet kitchen, the BBQ gathering spots, the executive conference room, and the private theatre room/e-lounge with HDTV.


That’s a lot of stuff to digest. And it doesn’t even included the game room, the basketball court, the convenient on-site storage, the children’s playground, the TWO spas, or the secured bike storage or private parking with controlled entry.


Like we said before, the feature list of this community is LONG.


So if you’re in the market for new luxury apartments for rent, either as an upgrade or as part of a move, make sure you include Main Street Village in your search. This is the jewel of Irvine, California in many ways, and whether you’re an avid reader (and therefore into the private library) or not, Main Street Village certainly has a feature just for you.


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