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A Community

There are millions of apartments in the United States and all of them offer the same thing. So what sets one apartment complex apart from another? Is it the amenities they provide, the management, the location? I would argue that the thing that sets a good apartment building apart from other ones is the community that is in and the community that is formed by residents. Main Street Village in Irvine, California successfully recreates a small town feel that you don’t always get living in the city.

Main Street Village makes it’s residents feel like tight knit community and foster’s relationships with a few subtle but perfect amenities. One of those community-building amenities is the playground. While the kids play and make friends, adults have time to talk and get to know one another. What is a community where the adults don’t speak, well I’d say it isn’t a community at all. Another thing that the Main Street Village apartments contain is a community garden. The garden allows residents to interact and grow things together. They also have community and resident sponsored events that foster a sense of community between neighbors.

I have yet to find an apartment building, besides Main Street Village in Irvine, California, that cares about the resident’s sense of community. It is truly a beautiful thing, and if you would like to be apart of a community that will take care of you and that you can grow with, I suggest you schedule a tour and see if Main Street Village is for you.

Main Street- Oct 2 IMAGE

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Enjoying the Outdoors

I have always loved swimming, ever since I was a child. Another thing I loved was barbecuing. That wasn’t a childhood love; more like I was forced to learn, but now that I am an adult I appreciate the art form that is barbecue. If I had to choose, I’d say there is no apartment I would rather do my two favorite things at more than Main Street Village in Irvine, California.

Main Street offers an amazing Saltwater Resort Pool and a junior Olympic swimming pool that its residents can utilize. There is nothing better than hopping in one of the pools and enjoying the cool water as the sun beats down on the city. Actually, there is one thing that is better and that is making my famous steaks with my fathers’ recipe on the grill. I can invite tons of friends over and have a pool party, and while everyone swims I can enjoy the grill. In addition to being able to grill and swim, when I want to relax I can hop in the hot tub…but before hopping in the hot tub, I can start a bonfire in the fire pit and then relax in the warm tub. No matter what I want to do, I can be sure that I’m going to enjoy it.

Main Street Village offers a complete set of amenities that you can take advantage of for when you want to be outdoors. If you love swimming and barbecuing as much as I do, I recommend that you schedule a tour of Main Street Village as soon as possible.

Main Street- Sept 25 IMAGE

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Take a Dip

As I sit and reflect on all of the places I’ve lived, I think about all of the things each place had to offer me. I find myself ranking each one in terms of amenities and what they had to offer me, and as of now I can say that my current place is definitely number 1 on my list of places I’ve stayed. Main Street Village apartments in Irvine, California are some of the best apartments I’ve lived in just simply because of the amenities they provide.

Main Street Village has an extensive pool scene that is perfect for kids and adults. They have a nice wading pool that the very young kids can play in and if that isn’t enough there is also a junior Olympic pool for everyone’s enjoyment. Whether you want to swim laps or just have a nice sized pool to play in, Main Street has you covered. Also on the premises is a beautiful and majestic looking saltwater Resort pool. The water is such a deep and amazing blue that you’d think you are swimming in the ocean. And when the adults need to get away and relax there are two spas.

Main Street Village apartments in Irvine, definitely offer one of the most amazing pool areas I have seen in an apartment complex and I’d be hard pressed to find a better set of pools. If you want to enjoy the California weather in style, come schedule a tour so you too can take a refreshing dip.

Main Street- Sept 18 IMAGE

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Social Living

If there is one thing I value in an apartment building, it is the ability to have friends over without them always having to come directly to my home. It can get rather repetitive and dull if all we do is come back to my apartment and sit around. Main Street Village in Irvine, California offers me exactly what I want…and that is the opportunity to have variety in my life without straying too far from my home.

My friends and I never have a lack of activities to partake in when they come over now. Some days we lace up our sneakers and head over to the court and play some basketball. Some days however, we don’t always want to work up a sweat, so we utilize the private theater room that is available and we watch movies for hours on end (usually on days where no one has to work). To make it even better, there is a community room that features a Wii, Xbox 360, and a PS3 that we can play Call of Duty or NFL Madden on. On the days where we don’t want to sweat, but we also don’t want to sit indoors and watch movies or play video games we sit out in the outdoor social areas and just enjoy a drink or two while we talk about whatever current event or hot topic we think of.

No matter where we go on the property, there is always something for us to do at Main Street Village Apartments. My friends seem to be even happier than I am that I moved there. If you want to have endless activities and enjoy a social life, I suggest you schedule a tour of Main Street Village in Irvine and see if it’s a fit for you.

Main Street- Sept 11 IMAGE

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Where Fitness and Fun Meet

Many Apartment buildings have a fitness center or facility on the property, but most of them are subpar and when you see the facility you are disheartened by how average it is. Disappointment isn’t something you have to worry about at Main Street Village in Irvine, California because Main Street Village specializes in State of the Art.

There are tons of ways to stay in shape and exercise and Main Street Village caters to almost all of those ways. Main Street village offers a 24-hour state of art fitness facility that comes complete with cardio machines as well as free weights and weight lifting machines. They also have junior Olympic sized pools that you can get a nice workout in by swimming laps. If swimming isn’t your cup of tea, you could always lace up your sneakers and come to the basketball court. Yes, Main Street also has a basketball court on the premises for your use, whether it is for the purpose of getting better, playing for a workout, or just for fun. In addition to all of those amazing amenities for working out, Main Street Village also has an outdoor exercise course and is conveniently located near some trails that you can ride a bike on or walk/run.

If you want a state of the art experience in a State of the Art facility then you should check out Main Street Village in Irvine, because not only are the apartments grand, but also the fitness facility and other amenities are grand as well.

Main Street- Sept 4 IMAGE

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Getting Here (and There) has Never Been Easier

One thing that everyone values in an apartment beyond the amenities is the location. A good apartment should have stores and restaurants close so that you don’t have to spend countless hours each week just to get the necessities you need. Main Street Village accomplishes the goal of providing a location that is close to all the entertainment and activities you love.

Main Street Village is a magnificent luxury apartment in Irvine community with wonderful amenities in each apartment. In the surrounding area, however, there is a plethora of establishments that many would love to be so close to. Within a 5 mile radius there are movie theaters, restaurants, and clothing stores. Main Street Village is one of the few apartments that if you need something done you don’t have to go far to get what you need. There are numerous stores within biking distance of Main Street Village including Gelson’s Market, Gourmet Detective  and even the Diamond Company.  If you were looking for a more perfect, area to live in, you’d be searching for quite some time.

There is a lot to love at (and around) Main Street Village. If you desire convenient access to shops, restaurants and entertainment and quick access to the highways is important to you then it is time to schedule a tour at Main Street Village in Irvine. Change how you live. Change both the quality of your abode as well as that of your neighborhood. Change it all at Main Street Village.

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