Is seafood in your top five favorite foods? It made our list too. An advantage to living so near the water is we have the best seafood this side of the coast! We found some of our favorite seafood places in the area for you to try.

Kickin’ Crab

Kickin’ Crab is a seafood restaurant so good, they don’t need to make much of an effort to stand out. Though, that is their main goal. They pride themselves on their distinct style that is so them. They’re a relaxed, laid-back environment that cares more about intriguing your taste-buds with their cajun-style food more than anything else. Give their amazing kickin’ seafood a chance.

California Fish Grill

Are you a true Californian at heart? Then you’ll feel right at home at the California Fish Grill. They are California, through and through. Their atmosphere is as on fire as their searing seafood. A great place for family dining, their servings are too large for just one person. Gather your loved ones here for a fun Californian evening!



Seafood so good, the flavor will slap you in the face. They have a variety of seafood, prepared in so many dishes: burgers, tacos, and in the traditional manner such as lobster and crab served outright. They have a wide and open floor plan that allows for a hoppin’ location without the crowd. Find out what keeps the locals coming back and try Slapfish some night this week.


Santa Monica Seafood

Santa Monica Seafood combines convenience and the full dining experience with a market located inside the restaurant. Enjoy your meal with your loved ones, then take fresh seafood home for a home-cooked meal another night. Forget meal planning for a couple days and try their delicious take-home worthy seafood.

Are you interested in trying any, or all, of these? We hope you do! We welcome you to share your thoughts with us on Facebook  or Instagram. Keep following our blog, for more of our best local recommendations, here.