Is there anything better than a cold scoop of ice cream? Not much! But when your frozen desserts are too pretty to eat, you know it’s Instagram worthy. Below you’ll find the most Instagram worthy ice cream scoop shops nearby!


At HoneyMee, you’ll find delicious ice cream paired with honey! It’s unlike anything else, the true milk ice cream and pure honeycomb are a real match made in heaven. The milk used in their ice cream comes from a family-owned, kosher Californian dairy farm making it as fresh as it gets! There’s no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors added to these sweet treats so you get authentic, delicious flavor. 


Home of the original Puffle Cone, Cauldron Ice Cream, is a unique find! The Puffle Cone is an ice cream cone made out of an egg-based sweet batter. The flavor isn’t the only thing that makes these waffle cones unique, the shape of the cone is adorable. And this shop doesn’t just offer Puffle Cones, they offer Nitro ice Cream. Nitrogen Ice Cream is made using cream and liquid nitrogen gas to freeze the ice cream on the spot which gives a creamier and richer flavor. They even have vegan-friendly options! 

Somi Somi

The cutest Korean ice cream around, Somi Somi serves a unique “Ah-Boong” shaped bun! The buns are shaped like a Goldfish and filled with a sweet soft serve filling, similar to frozen custard. You pick your flavor, pick your filling, pick your topping, and then enjoy! If you prefer to enjoy this treat without ice cream, you can treat yourself to an “Ah-Boong” with just filling! 

Saffron & Rose

This Persian Ice Cream shop is best known for its unique flavors! Saffron & Rose has many ice cream flavors that will ignite your taste buds and make you smile. You know you’re in for a real treat when you see Pink Rose, Orange Blossom, and Saffron & Pistachio on the menu! Plus, they have other uncommon flavors like their Faloodeh and Ginger flavored ice creams. And, they make their ice cream sandwich using thin wafer cookies that truly bring out the delicious flavors of the Persian ice cream. 

Drips Creamery

The ice cream at Drips Creamery is not your ordinary scoop of ice cream, the ice cream is rolled instead of scooped giving it a unique shape! Their rolled ice cream comes in a cup, a waffle cone, or even as a waffle taco! They also serve uncommon iced tea flavors such as Guava Green Tea and Mango Lychee Green Tea. But, their rolled tacos are the most Instagram worthy, because who wouldn’t love ice cream shaped like a taco?

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