‘Tis the season to be healthy! Or at least try to stay healthy while you’re surrounded by holiday treats like Halloween Candy and Thanksgiving Pie. Luckily for us at Main Street Village, we’re surrounded by many health food stores for you to purchase the products you love that make you feel good! Eating healthy is not only good for your body but also keeps your immune system strong and your mind happy! 

Whole Foods

Located less than two miles away, Whole Foods is your go-to place for all things healthy! From niche delicacies to organic produce to unique vegan and gluten-free finds, there’s a little something healthy for everyone. Their bath and body products are sure to leave your skin feeling healthy and happy! And, their pet care selection is perfect for keeping fido’s tail wagging and health going! Don’t feel like cooking? Find your favorite foods pre-cooked at their hot bar and wok! They can even make freshly made sandwiches for your lunch or an evening snack. One key thing not to miss is their mochi bar, where you’ll find unique flavors of ice cream wrapped in mochi.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s is another key favorite! And, they’re located only 10 minutes away. This healthy grocery store is full of great finds! With organic fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price and tons of delicious (and healthy!) frozen options, it’s easy to find a quick, healthy, affordable meal on a busy day. You’ll also find hand-crated Trader Joe’s products as they make most of their own items rather than selling other brands. Although, they do carry a few common health food brands! Plus, their fresh flower selection is unlike any other! During the holidays, they have countless holiday-themed treats that’ll make you wish the holiday season lasted longer.


Similar to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Market is another great resource for healthy food! And, they’re located exactly two miles away. They have a mix of other healthy brands and their own great products! One great thing about Sprouts is they have bulk bins so you can take the perfect quantity for you. It’s a great place for a house of one to shop as they have small portions and sell great frozen options that you can heat when you have the time. Plus, they have fun events like walks, runs, and classes! Choose the healthy lifestyle, make a friend, and boost your immunity together!

Stay healthy this season, and share your favorite finds with us on Facebook or Instagram. And, keep following our blog here for more tips on how to stay happy and healthy in Irvine this fall.