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Time Traveling Diners in Orange County

Good food makes for a good mood. With so many wonderful, vintage diners in Irvine, there’s no excuse for a bad mood! Diners may have a low-key, even grunge, look to them on the outside, but there’s the most amazing American-style food on the inside. We love our local diners! We found three of our favorites in the area.

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The Fashion Boutiques of Irvine

Life is short; Go shopping. There’s so much to do around our apartment community, especially shopping! We have so many options for whatever you’re in the mood for. Personally, we love boutiques. We found a few local luxury boutiques in the area that are worth the price tag.

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Don’t Pass on Irvine’s Best Sports Bars

Do you like to unwind and have a low-key hang at local sports bars? So do we! It’s nice to relax with your friends after a long week. And if there’s anything SoCal is known for, it’s top-notch relaxing talent. We found some great local sports bars that promote hardcore let-your-hair down, good vibes.

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Sea Yourself at These Seafood Joints

Is seafood in your top five favorite foods? It made our list too. An advantage to living so near the water is we have the best seafood this side of the coast! We found some of our favorite seafood places in the area for you to try.

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Delectable Dessert Places in Irvine

Sugar and spice and everything that’s nice about the world: desserts! We love to take note of our local dessert places in the area. Do you know where to go when you get a sweet tooth craving? We found a few places, just a quick drive away, that will satisfy your dessert needs.

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Rooftop Bars Around Irvine

Food and drinks are better on high-ground. We love trying new rooftop bars! Everything is just better with a great view. We hope you think so too! We found a few great rooftop bars within a half hour or less away, with food and cocktails almost as amazing as their scenery.

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Our Favorite Waterfront Restaurants in Newport Beach

Do you love beachside dining? We do! Living in Irvine makes it convenient for those who like to sip mimosas or wine, with their meal, by the ocean. We have so many options for waterfront restaurants. We have a few delicious suggestions among the many options.

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Wine Down at the Best Wine Bars in Irvine

What’s your superpower? We can make wine disappear! We love to practice using our superpower at these local wine bars in our sweetly sophisticated town of Irvine. Do you have friends with a similar superpower? They’ll love these places too.

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Get Your Donut Fix at the Best Donut Shops in Irvine

Who doesn’t love donuts? Raise your hand. For those who raised their hand, feel free to skip this post and go think about the error of your ways. For everyone else, we’ve got the goods for you! Donuts are a big deal in Southern California, and finding the right donut shop can be one of the more important decisions you can make. You need to have your favorite place ready to go for when your friends say “Have you tried Krispy Kreme? They are so good!” That’s not to say that Krispy Kreme is not delicious (especially right off the cooker), but you want to have an alternative to help open that friend’s eyes to the beauty of donuts. We’re here to help. Here are our top donut shops around Irvine.

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Get Your New Year Started Off Right at Orange County’s Best Parties

We’re coming up on the end of 2018, and Orange County will soon be filled with partiers ready to welcome in the new year! Whether the year before was good or bad, New Year’s Eve promises a new start and a clean slate. There is something so special about finding yourself at a new beginning, with the infinite possibilities before you! And the celebrations of New Year’s are some of the most fun you’ll have all year! Here are a few ways to get down on New Year’s in Orange County.

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