The Fall is among us at Main Street Village! It’s the perfect time to get cozy, catch up on your favorite shows, and find indoor activities that you love! We also find that crafting during the holiday season makes it even more special. Whether you’re making crafts for yourself to enjoy this season or preparing them as gifts for the holidays, there’s no better time to start crafting than now! Start with a hand-knit blanket that’s sure to keep you, or your loved ones, warm this holiday season! 

Hand-knit blankets are easy, affordable, and fun to make! You can make them in one solid color or make it multi-colored to give them more vibrancy. Depending on the type of yarn that you use, the look, feel, and cost of this DIY project will vary. We recommend using a softer yarn with more of a velvety texture! You can find yarn at any of our local craft shops, like the hyper-local, unique Knit Schtick or the more traditional JOANN’s.

Materials you’ll need:


Steps to making your own blanket:

  1. Tie a knot at the end of the first skein of yarn you’re using
  2. Create a slip-knot with the yarn where you knotted it
  3. Then create between fifteen and twenty stitches depending on the size you’d like your blanket to be, the looser the better
  4. After you’ve created the chain of stitches, you’ll need to flip it over and start making your first row of loops
  5. Start by grabbing the first loop in the chain and angle it upwards, then pull your finger through the middle and make a loop
  6. Continue to do this as you work down the initial chain of yarn
  7. Make sure to skip the first loop in each row, this will help even out your blanket when it’s done
  8. You’ll continue to do steps 4 – 7, slowly working your way down each row of loops until you’re blanket is full size 
  9. As you need to replace your skeins, you’ll need to tie the end of one to another to continue to knit the blanket or use the needle and thread to sew the knot together to ensure that is stays 
  10. Once you’ve finished looping all of your rows together, you’ll want to finish out the blanket by grabbing the first two loops of the blanket and looping your yard through to create another loop
  11. Once you’ve created this loop, grab the loop next to it and then pull your yarn through to create another combined loop
  12. Continue working through this double loop notion until you get to the end of a new row
  13. Once you’ve reached the end, pull the yarn through the final loop to create a small knot, and then trim the end of the yarn so no loose pieces are hanging off
  14. That’s all! You now have a beautifully knit blanket


We hope you’re in love with your blanket and it helps you stay cozy all season long! But, if after making this, you’d prefer to buy the perfect one, consider the local Hobby Lobby or Pottery Barn! Main Street Village is located near plenty of craft stores for you to purchase your craft supplies and find local premade crafts to take home with you. Share your finds, and all the festive crafts you make with us on Facebook or Instagram. And, keep following our blog here for more festive ideas!